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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cowboy Hat Etiquette

Cowboy hat etiquette?! Yes it is true, even though most of us western folk are a messy bunch; we still have rules. And today we are talking about the etiquette of western styled hats.
First of all you need to learn how to take off the hat in the first place. The most common practice would have to be grabbing the crown and pulling it off which is fine; not good, but fine (I know that I am guilty). Over time the felt where you have been handling it will become dirty and weak. But, the proper way to take off your hat would have to be by gently grabbing the hat at the base of the crown with two hands; one in the front and one in the back, and simply remove. Next, you place the hat crown down. So you do not lose the shape of the brim.
Classic examples of what NOT to do:
• Do not roughly handle the brim.
• Do not leave your hat in the car.
• Do not leave your hat in direct sunlight.
• It is considered bad luck to place your cowboy hat brim on the bed.
The proper things to do:
• When looking for a place to set your hat, the first and best place would have to be… on your head!
• You should always remove cover for our nation’s flag/ national anthem; when entering an enclosed area such as a home, this does not include barns or bars; just where people reside. Except for, a church or court house.
• As a gentleman it is always a good idea to remove ones hat the first time you meet a lady, and a gentleman tips the hat towards her.
Well there you go, that’s the scoop on the do’s and don’ts in cowboy hat etiquette.

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