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Monday, February 8, 2010

Wide Width Cowboy Boots

Wide Width Cowboy Boots

In the wide world of the west no two people are alike. This holds true for people's feet as well. Everyone has different size feet, both in width and in size.

Luckily, cowboy boots consider these differences. Cowboy boots can be comfortable footwear for everyone, regardless of foot size. If you find yourself with wide-sized feet, you have come to the right place.

Wide width boots are ideal for people with wider feet. Wide width sizes are usually marked as EW, E, EE, EEE, and W. These sizes mark the different needs people have for boot sizes.

Normal boot sizes are marked B and D. Standard women sizes are B, with men sizes being marked as D. Each marking represents the need for different sizes in boots, both in width and in leg sizes.

Wide width cowboy boots have many different designs, colors, styles and patterns. Most brands offer wide width cowboy boots to compensate the many clients that have need of them. You can also find wide-width boots in a variety of materials, though most are made from cowhide leather.

Cowboy styled boots usually are made with high heels and high shafts. No lacing is required for this style of boot. Expert boot makers take extra care by hand trimming and hand sewing wide width boots so they are in top shape for the work they will eventually have to do outside.

Wide width boots can be found at most boot stores. Ask to get your foot sized so you know the correct wide width size to look for. If local stores don't sell the correct size for your feet, try an online store.

Wide width boots are not always easy to find, especially for women. Most women boots come in the medium size variety, so not every store will carry wide width boots. If you can't find any online that you like, there are many boot retailers that have custom made boots that can be specially ordered to fit your preferred boot width and size.

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