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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cowboy Rodeo Terms

Are you attending a rodeo soon? Do you want to know some fun phrases or words that are associated with rodeos? We thought so. Here are some of our favorite rodeo terms.

1. Suicide Wrap - A bull rider uses a suicide wrap to wrap their bull rope around their hand. Today, suicide wraps are not usually allowed in rodeos. The reason? It is extremely dangerous since it is very hard for cowboys to get out of suicide wraps once they fall off the bull or bronco.

2. Pulling Leather - When a cowboy says they were pulling leather this means they were holding on to the saddle horn. Cowboys need to hold on to the saddle horn to prevent getting thrown off a bucking horse. Another term that is used for this is known as grabbing the apple.

3. Dragger or Trotter - You will more often than not see this at your rodeo. A dragger is a steer that stops running after it is roped. A trotter is a steer that stops running full speed, and trots instead while hanging its head.

4. Crow Hop - A jump by a horse with stiff legs. Usually this happens when a bucking bronco is not trying to buck his cowboy off anymore. This term is also known as frog walking.

5. Lasso - Cowboys use a braided rope, known as a lariat, for their rodeo ropes. A lasso is a lariat that has been tied with a special knot that is used with steer or horses. The special knot of the lasso can be tightened once it is thrown over the steer or horse's head. A clove hitch is a knot that cowboys often use when they tie their lariat or rodeo rope.

6. Fanning - If a cowboy fans your stock after a ride it can often times be considered an insult. Cowboys sometimes remove their cowboy hats and wave them over the stock animal after a ride. It usually signals that the animal was an easy ride.

7. Arm Jerker - This term is used to describe a rodeo animal with a lot of bucking power. Cowboys often use this term to warn other cowboys about the animal before they ride.

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