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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Using Your Hat as a Fashion Statement

Through out history people have wanted to wear hats and caps. The reason was usually because they needed protection from the harsh environment. While the hats were used for a practical purpose, that did not mean there were all drab.

Hats do make a fashion statement. They make one today, just like they did in the past. Caps a worn in the winter to protect our heads from freezing, and protect us in the summer from the sun. But a lot of headwear is worn simply in the name of fashion.

Women and men use hats today as a fashion accessory. The popular styles for men are cowboy hats and baseball hats. Other types of hats that are rising in popularity are messenger and newsboy caps.

Women appreciate a variety of hat styles. Baseball, sun, paige, and cowboy hats are all types women like to wear. These types of hats come in a variety of styles and materials.

Cowboy hats are made out of many materials, though the most popular choice is leather. Other materials include straw, cotton, velvet, wool, and felt. Men like to use these materials, though the wool and leather hats are the most popular.

Women like embellishments. They like having bows, ribbons, and furs with their caps. Having a hat embellished adds a lot of fun to the outfit and cap. Women like these types of glamorous embellishments, but men usually do not. They like it better when it is free of embellishments. That is why baseball caps are so popular with them.

Hats are a popular costume choice. With Halloween coming up, hats and caps are often used to represent the costume and tie all the costume together. For example, a cowboy hat pulls the costume of a cowboy together really well. With out the cowboy hat the costume would not make a lot of sense.

Wearing hats is a fashion statement. It is nice because there are no rules that garner exactly how you have to wear the hat. The wearer gets to decide how the hat is to be worn, and what type of style they want to wear.

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