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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Cowboy Hats

As spring narrows to an end and summer is obviously on its way it is time to start to think about getting a summer hat. So that question was asked; what is the best summer cowboy hat? I answered with, it depends.

You see, it is all varies to who is buying the said hat. If you were to ask me the question I would answer back with an Atwood palm leaf hat. Many people consider Atwood to be the “king “of palm leafs. The reason I would choose a palm leaf is because; number one its durability, and strength, number two is price palm leaf hats are normally fairly inexpensive comparatively, and number three its versatility.

But, if you didn’t ask me most people would probably say a toyo, shantung or bangora straw; because that is what the majority of people are wearing. The Shantug family includes the framosa, toyo, bangora, and of course the shantung straws. Most of these hats are woven is Japan or china and are made up of a Japanese paper yarn. Then the bodies are shipped to the U. S. to be made into hats. Unlike the palm leaf the shantung are very light weight but not nearly as weather proof or durable. But because most of them are woven by hand and consequentially more time was spent to make them they are much more expensive.

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