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Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Types of Cowboy Boots are Available?

I remember the days when you walked into your boot shop and you could find a few pair of boots to choose from. That is not the case anymore. There are many styles to choose from now, each with a purpose, and a look, in mind.

The good, old cowboy boot that most think of has a heel around 1.5 inches. It has a pointed toe and a 13 inch shaft. They usually have some stitching on the toe called a “toe bug”. These basic boots have been worn through the decades.

A cousin of these boots is the dress boot, usually made with an exotic leather such as alligator, ostrich, lizard, or many others. They look just like the good old cowboy boot mentioned above, only with that expensive, exotic hide on it.

The Roper has a one inch heel, round toe, and a shaft of about 11 inches. This boot has been a favorite of those who rope, hence the name.

The Stockman is a hybrid of two styles, the roper and the traditional cowboy boot. It has a 1 to 11/8 inch heel, round toe, and a shaft 11 to 12 inches tall. However, unlike the roper, it has a ¾ welt on the sole. This provides a different fit for those who need it.

The Buckaroo has heels up to 3 inches, round toes, with pull holes, mule ears, or pull straps at the top of the shaft. These boots are usually taller, starting at 13 and going up to 18 inches tall. These are usually worn by those who need good leg protection and a good heel to ride in.

Roughstock boots have heels around 2 inches, can have round or square toes, have tough heel counters for durability, and usually have leather soles. They are around 12 inches tall. These boots are made for riding bulls and broncs, or anyone who likes that look.

Fashion boots are in a class of their own. There are no rules these days for these boots, for they are as varied as the people on this planet. High, narrow heels are usually prominent, being 3-4 inches tall, but there are other styles that use designs and colors to set them apart from their competitors. In the western world, bling has come with hurricane force to stick to anything it can. Boots are no exception to this. Silver dots, brass dots, hair on hides, camo, and bling can be found almost anywhere.

Mules are a cousin to fashion boots with their colors and styles, only they have no shaft or heel. With jeans on, they like boots, so many women like to wear these for their comfort and looks.
In general, a boot is a boot. With a closer look, however, boots can give you a closer look at how someone sees the world, and how they perceive the world sees them. Boots are a standard, especially cowboy boots.

Ride on, for a West is still out there to be won.

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