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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cowboy Style: North America

There is no doubt that cowboys have a style of their own. A cowboy hat is one piece of their attire that definitely stands out. Usually if a hat is worn, a cowboy is easily recognizable by those around him.

Cowboy hats have really allowed cowboys to be noticed in North America. They are easily recognized by the general public. Traditionally these hats bring on a style of their own.

Cowboy hats are easily recognizable because of their design. They have a wide brim around the hat, with a high crown. All hats are different, but these hats usually have the same basic design.

While the build of the hats are all pretty similar, the materials they are made from differ. The most common material used for the hat is felt. Straw and leather are also other popular options.

They usually will have a small band on the inside of the hat. This is put in place to help them stay on your head. Most hats will also have a decorative headband around the crown.

Cowboy hats come in a variety of colors. Brown, black, white, and beige are the most common colors used with the hats. Other colors can be used as well, though they are not as commonly used.

In old Western movies the villains usually wore black hats. Thus, the term "black hat" came in to meaning. A black hat today is used when referring to someone who is doing unethical activities.

Cowboy hats are used by many different people. Actual cowboys like them because of the advantages they provide when they work outside. These hats are also popular with ranchers and horseback based animal herders, for the same advantages the hat provides to cowboys. However other people wear them, such as when they go country dancing. Country singing stars also wear the hats as a symbol to their music genre.

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