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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guidelines With Western Show Clothing

There are certain guidelines that need to be followed when competing in Western Shows. Your clothing needs to be carefully chosen so you have the best chance of doing your best during the competition. Below are a few guidelines.

Showmanship classes do not judge the horse as much as they judge the rider. It is important to find an outfit that reflects you well. Outfits need to be chosen to minimize small actions.

Darker shades are best with western wear. Light colored clothing tends to show off movement a lot more than darker clothing does. When you are competing you want to keep distracting movement to a minimum.

Because you are the one being judged, don't draw extra attention to your outfit. Find an outfit that has a matching colored top and bottom. Drastically different western wear top and bottoms are distracting during competitions. Use a good showmanship pattern by keeping attention to your outfit to a minimum.

Horsemanship still reflects mostly on the rider, not the horse. It is very similar to showmanship, though you are now riding your horse. Remember during this type of class you want to keep your clothing looking fresh.

Small details are big deals in placing competitions. The rider's movements, if easily seen, can distract from his or her performance. Be sure that the western wear clothing worn flows with both the top and bottom.

When riding a horse it is important that your western wear outfit does not look like your waist simply cuts off. Continue using the same color bottom and top. If you decide to wear light colored jeans make sure to remember that your actions can quickly be spotted by judges.

Western pleasure classes are much more relaxed. The horse is the one being judged, so the rider is not being focused on. Be sure to keep your outfits coordinated, though you can wear vibrant and colorful western wear tops and dark bottoms that look well together.

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