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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Using Western Wear Items to Decorate Your Home

Western wear decor can really liven up a room. There are many ways to decorate your home so it has a beautiful western theme. Adding boot accessories and other western wear items can bring some authentication to your western decor choices.

Begin your decorating plans by deciding what you would like to accomplish with the room you will be decorating. What area of the house will it be in? Would you like to decorate more than one room in the house?

Once you know the location in your home, decide if there are any specific items you would like placed there. Some rooms work well with decorative shelves that you can place items on. Other rooms, such as the kitchen of your home, would be better suited for wall hangings and small trinkets that can be placed on the window ledge above the sink.

It is also important to figure out your budget. While you may have grand plans for your home, a budget helps you make smart choices with your expenditures. Beautiful antique western wear can still be bought on a budget, as long as you use affordable items along with them.

Using western wear items can turn an average item into a beautiful western theme. Small details can make a mediocre room into a beautifully decorated one. Here are a few examples of ways you can add small details to a room to bring in a western theme.

Many times when you enter a home there is a coat rack on the wall by the door. During the summertime, when there are no coats to hang, consider using the hooks as a western decoration. You can hang western wear items, such as cowboy boot straps, cowboy hats, and straw rope to add a western theme.

If you have a shelf in your home decorate it with cowboy boots. The more worn down the boots, the more authentic they will look. Make sure to clean off the boots well before placing them on your shelf, and add other small details such as a straw cowboy hat if there is room on the shelf.

Garage sales are great places to find western wear to use for decorations around your home. Use an inexpensive wood frame and hot glue straw twine around it. You can hang a beautiful western art piece in it to pull off the frame.

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