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Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Leather Cowboy Hats Are Beneficial

Leather is a popular choice among cowboys. This article will feature the leather cowboy hat and its relevance in the western wear world. Leather is a great material for western wear items.

Cowboy hats are made out of many different materials. Leather has always been a popular choice for cowboys because animal hide was always easy to come by. Leather cowboy hats have continued to be a symbol of cowboys.

Leather is easy to mold and very pliable to ensure a good fit. Leather cowboy hats are easy to shape. Leather also tends to not wrinkle or stretch out easily.

Leather can be worn at all times of the year and is resistant to wind and rain. Leather works well in all types of weather. It is a definite benefit that your hat be weather resistant.

A straw hat, for example, would not do a good job protecting cowboys from harsher weather. During the hot months, sunlight still got through the straw fibers of the hat and did not protect against the sun. In the cold it did not protect the wearer from rain or snow.

During the summer time leather, on the other hand, protects against the sun and can be used to fan you off. In the winter time leather adds protection against wind and snow, and provides warmth and durability.. Leather provides protection against the elements no matter what type of weather.

When using your cowboy hat in the rain make sure to allow leather to dry on its own. Also be sure to store your hat out of the sun so it does not discolor. It is good to remember to take proper care of your hat, even if it is made out of more durable material.

When cleaning your hat test out the cleaner in an inconspicuous place on your cowboy hat first. If nothing harmful happens you can move on to the rest of the hat. Ask your western apparel shop what item they recommend using. They should be able to recommend good cleaning agents that are safe with leather.

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