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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finding Your Cowboy Style

Finding your very own inner cowboy has never been more fun. So many kinds of western wear styles are available that the possibilities seem endless. That being said, you are probably not surprised that cowboy styles can be revamped just by changing your cowboy hat or by accessorizing your current one.

Your style as a cowgirl or boy is defined in many ways by the type of cowboy hat you wear. You can’t just call a cowboy hat a “western style” now because there are dozens of designs and types of western hats on the market these days. It’s never been easier to find a cowboy hat that perfectly defines your individual style. Take for instance the following 5 cowboy genres that can be attained simply by changing your cowboy hat.

The Rough & Tough Cowboy—Leather is the best way to get a rough and tough cowboy look. Real leather cowboy hats or felt hats with braided leather bands will be your goal if you want a rugged statement. The rugged-outdoors-Australian cowboy captures this look perfectly. Natural, raw, misshapen leather hats all show a rough and tough cowboy.

The South Western Cowboy—for this look think of our South Western States (i.e. New Mexico, Arizona, and Baja California). One style that makes the South West stand out from the rest of the U.S.A is turquoise. Likewise, a South Western cowboy hat should be adorned with turquoise stones. Eye catching turquoise stones on your cowboy hat are a great way to bring out a South Western flair or Native American panache.

The Rhinestone Cowboy—ready to show a little glitz in your promenade? The Rhinestone Cowboy look is great for rodeos, parades, and shows. Simply jewel up a cowboy hat with gems, rhinestones, or even pearls for the ladies to get this look. For an even more affordable way to add some bling, some cowboy hats display bands that are glittered or sequined.

The Texan Cowboy— “Don’t mess with Texas!” Undeniable, inexcusable, and still oh-so dignified are words to describe the Texas look. Maybe that’s why this style will last though the years. First go for a bigger cowboy hat to get this style started. Choose a cowboy hat with a wider brim and a taller crown. Then simply add sterling silver Conchos, lone stars, or longhorns charms to your hat’s band.

The Casanova Cowboy—the heartbreaking, rebellious, bad boy is what this style is all about. The Casanova Cowboy is who men want to be, and women want to be with. Find a low-profile cowboy hat in dark tones (black, gray, and charcoal colors) to forge this fashion. A subtle, yet mysterious look is achieved in the dark shades and simplicity of design.

One of these styles may be perfect for you, but remember that this is only a small handful of the host of styles that are available. Which style fits your personality best? Better yet, maybe you like a different look for every occasion. But no matter what have fun picking out and dressing up cowboy hats.

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