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Friday, May 21, 2010

Rodeo Rope Lassos

When you hear cowboy, you might think of several things. Those things
probably range from cow, horse, and wagons to cattle herds, campfires, and lassos. Cowboys are not the only ones that have used lassos though.

The Egyptians used lassos as well. There is a hieroglyphic in the temple of Pharaoh Seti depicting the Pharaoh throwing a lasso around a bull. This hieroglyphic is dated about 1280 BC.

The word lasso is both an object and a verb. The object of lasso is a stiff rope. The verb is to throw this rope around an object.

The rope of a lasso is properly called a lariat, but cowboys still call it a rope. The lariat is stiff so that the noose or hole stays open in mid-air to catch its “prey.” Because it is stiff, it is also easy to release the cattle on horseback. All you need to do is push it a little and the noose widens. High quality lassos are generally weighted.

The sizes of lassos vary depending on the location where they are used. Modern lariats have a diameter of 5/16” or 3/8”. Arena-style lariats come in lengths of 28’, 30’, or 35’. California lariats range from 45’ to 70’. Lariats are generally made of stiff nylon or polyester rope.

Lassos are great for cowboys because it allows them to move the animal where they want it to go. They lasso the animal and wrap the other end of the rope on their saddle horn. Then the cowboys can use the horse like a tow truck and bring the animal where they want it.

Lassos are also used in competitive events. They can be used as rodeo ropes. These rodeo ropes are used in events that are either rough stock or timed events. Rodeo ropes are used on horses and other livestock.

You can also do tricks with lassos. Trick roping is where you do various spinning tricks with your lasso. One well-known trick roper is Will Rogers.

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